Brainstorm: What do you know about how movie trailers persuade you to want to see a movie?

Unit question discussion:
  1. Why do people read books?
  2. What influences what we choose to read?
  3. How do advertisers affect customers' choices?

Content question discussion:
  1. What are some characteristics of effective persuasive advertising?
  2. How can we use what makes advertising effective to promote our books?
  3. What is it about the book (plot, character, conflict, etc) that is important to convey to potential readers?
  4. How can technology be used to create a tool to advertise a book in a format similar to a movie trailer?

Student tasks:
  1. Read a fictional novel of their choice.
  2. Learn to locate and cite images and music legally.
  3. Gather images and phrases which encapsulate the exciting points about the book WITHOUT GIVING AWAY TOO MUCH ABOUT HOW IT ENDS
  4. Plan a book trailer using storyboarding technique used in movie making.
  5. Learn to use Animoto, a new technology tool, to create a digital book trailer.
  6. Critique the book trailers of your peers using the constructive criticism model.
  7. Share your trailers with several audiences (class, another school, local book club).